Humans were not designed to live in around-the-clock activity and stimulation.  Rest is essential for well being. Stillness, silence, and solitude help us recharge at all levels of our being.

Consequences of such lifestyles inundate our news feeds.  At some point, each of us needs to hit the pause button in order to refresh. Retreats serve as one way to disconnect in order to reconnect. 

Scheduling periods of silence, solitude, and stillness help create space and time to disconnect. Silence disconnects us from the never-ending noise of our culture; solitude disconnects us from the plethora of draining distractions; stillness disconnects us from the hurriedness of life. When we disconnect from the things which demand our attention, drive noise into our souls, and distract us from what really matters, we are able to reconnect with God, ourselves, creation, and eventually others.

Vacare Deo Retreat Space offers a quiet space to do just that - disconnect. Located close to North Table Mesa, Vacare Deo encompasses over an acre of land surrounded by open space which tucks up next to Hyatt Lake.  A walking path around the lake offers views of the Front Range from Table Mesa to north of Long's Peak. wildlife, mountain reflections on the lake. awe inspiring Sunsets all help us to rest and receive.

If you are interested in "retreating" contact me for more information. 

The is a contemplative in all of us,

almost strangled but still alive -

which yearns to reach out and touch

the seamless garment of silence,

which makes whole.  - Alan Tory

 Vacare Deo

Debbie Swanson